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Being a legal permanent resident (green card holder) of the US has its own benefits. You can live and work in the US permanently. A green card acts as a proof of being officially granted immigration benefits to work and live in the US legally.

Normally, a permanent resident card is valid for ten years and the card has to be renewed on its expiration. You should file Form I-90, Application for green card replacement with the USCIS. You can start the renewal process when there are six months or less validity for the card to expire. Per US immigration laws, you should carry evidence of your status (a valid, unexpired green card or a temporary passport stamp). If you do not renew your expired / expiring green card, you might experience difficulties in getting employment, other benefits and re-entry into the United States from abroad.

After you send your completed I-90 application to the USCIS, within 30 days you will receive an Application Receipt Notice with a 13-character Application Receipt. This Receipt Notice is the acknowledgement that USCIS has received your application and that it is being processed. You can use the number on the receipt to know the status of your application while it is pending. The USCIS will also notify about your fingerprinting appointment and subsequently, your interview date with instructions related to the supporting documents you need to bring. The entire green card renewal process nearly takes three months.


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