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If you are in the United States illegally, you may qualify for immigration amnesty, a process for granting legal immigration status. Persons who entered the US illegally or persons who have overstayed on their visa may qualify for immigration amnesty.

If is important to remember that Immigration amnesty is mostly granted a specific group of people and issued only to those persons who have not committed any other illegal activity apart from the fact that they are in the US illegally.

From 1986 onwards, Congress has occasionally passed legislation that allowed immigration amnesty to specific groups of persons. Immigration amnesty has always been a much debated issue. Some people strongly believe that blanket amnesty should be granted to all persons who are in the US illegally but they should not have committed any other crime. They feel that if all the persons who are in the US illegally were removed, the US would have to face severe economic setbacks.

It is roughly estimated that there are twelve million persons in the US without legal immigration status. Others who oppose this, point out that persons who are in the country illegally have already broken the law and should not be granted legal status. According to them, granting immigration amnesty will also embarrass immigrants who go per the rules when applying for legal immigration status.

Immigration amnesty process :

Checking if you are eligible for immigration amnesty is the first step. As pointed out above, the laws concerning this issue change frequently. Normally, if you have overstayed your visa beyond the permitted limit or entered the US without the proper visa, you may be eligible for immigration amnesty. Should you meet the eligibility requirements, your child/ren or spouse will also qualify to apply for a change of status in the US

Having a qualified immigration attorney through the process would be of much help as applying for immigration amnesty is a a very sophisticated process because of the frequent changes in the the legislation regarding amnesty. Even if you feel you are competent enough to go ahead with the process yourself, ensure that you consult an immigration attorney to understand the best way to proceed.

You have to file the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (Form I-485) with the USCIS. Complete Form I-485 and submit it to the USCIS. Along with the form, you will have detailed instructions regarding the fees and the supporting documents that you have to include. You may be allowed to apply for a work permit while your case is pending. Apply for a work permit so that you can remain and work legally in the US while you are yet to get a decision on your application filed.

The USCIS will review your application and will inform you about their decision. As you wait for the decision regarding your application, you cannot leave the US without completing certain documentation and forms. Not following or not giving importance to such rules may result in rejection of your application


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